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新癀片 XIN HUANG PIAN 【用于热毒瘀血所致的咽喉肿痛、牙痛、痹痛、胁痛、黄疸、无名肿毒等症】

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准号 Registered No: MAL19985001T
品牌 Brand: 鼎炉 DING LU BRAND
规格 Specification:320mg x 24 Tablets 
功效 Indication

适于清热, 止痛, 散瘀消肿, 关节炎。 Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of body heatiness, swelling, joint pain, bruise to relief pain.

用法 Direction of use

一次2-4片,一日3次; 小孩酌减。饭后服用或遵医嘱。 Each time 2-4 tablets, 3 times daily. Smaller dosage for children. Take after meal, or as directed by the physician.

成分 Ingredient

请看产品照片。Please refer product photo.

禁忌 Contraindication

Pay attention to those have kidney problem, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and pregnant women when consumed this medicine. Not to be taken by the patients who are suffered from hemorrhage of digestive tract.  This product contains animal portion.标签: 咽喉痛, 无名肿毒, 牙痛, 黄疸

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